In the current threat environment, vulnerability research is most significant. Vulnerability research is the process by which security flaws in technology are identified. New vulnerabilities are hot commodities. A hacker who gets access to these vulnerabilities can sell it on the black market or blackmail the vendor with disclosure, or simply publish it without regard to the consequences. Even if he does none of these, still the vulnerability is known by someone, increases the risk to every user of that software.

By performing vulnerability research, we identify and eliminate security flaws that might otherwise be exploited by malicious hackers and can lead to data loss, data corruption, theft of intellectual property, theft of sensitive data, loss of service.

We ensure our clients with higher quality products and higher levels of trust and security, with access to an extraordinary research team. As well quoted by Schneier- "Security engineers see the world differently than other engineers, "Instead of focusing on how systems work, they focus on how systems fail, how they can be made to fail, and how to prevent – or protect against – those failures." And this is the core value of our research team and we live by the words of Schneier.